ReproMed – the Irish center for human assisted reproduction – has become a part of FutureLife

April 26, 2016

Dublin, 26 April 2016 – ReproMed, the Irish center for human assisted reproduction with its locations in Dublin and Kilkenny, has become a part of FutureLife. ReproMed has thus strengthened its long-term relationship in the field of assisted reproduction with the Czech Republic, which is frequently sought after by Irish patients.

 „After joining FutureLife, Repromed will keep its brand name which has its value and reputation on the Irish market,” says Declan Keane, the founder and CEO of Repromed. „With FutureLife, which belongs to the best group of IVF clinics in the world, we stand for the same values and agree that infertility treatment has to be a patient-centered service which allows for maintaining control and dignity of their treatment. The partnership with FutureLife will enable us to gain access to new technologies, know-how, and financial support for further growth. Irish patients seek after ReproMed’s services much more often and they appreciate our individual approach which leads to high success rates of our treatments; therefore, we want to be prepared for an increasing number of patients as well as possible,“ adds Declan. Apart from leading the ReproMed clinics in Ireland, Declan Keane will become a member of the Medical Board of FutureLife and will remain a shareholder in Repromed.

Every year, a significant number of Irish patients travel abroad for assisted reproduction services, especially to the Czech Republic, Spain, and the United States. Infertility treatment in the Czech Republic is more affordable and accessible. Also the reputation and expertise of Czech IVF doctors is appreciated across the world.

FutureLife, which specializes in assisted reproduction services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, belongs to the TOP5 players worldwide with its more than 20.000 IVF cycles performed annually. The group of clinics FutureLife includes IVF centers such as GENNET or Reprofit, where the uptake of international patients is significant. „The Czech Republic is due to its high-quality services in the assisted reproduction highly appreciated and sought after by Irish patients. Such quality translated in top-end success rates of FutureLife will be now more available to these patients,” says Matěj Stejskal, the CEO of FutureLife. “We believe that joining with FutureLife constitutes a direct way towards strengthening ReproMed’s position on the Irish market and will certainly provide an opportunity for additional acquisitions. Our intention is to help ReproMed develop further, to invest into new technologies and human resources, and to expand to other locations such as Galway or Cork so that we are even closer to a patient,“ complements Matěj Stejskal.

The majority owner of FutureLife is Hartenberg Holding. Its founder and co-owner Jozef Janov adds: „For us, ReproMed is an important building block for further growth of FutureLife across Europe. We are now a market leader in the Czech Republic and thus want to direct our activities abroad. Ireland is the third country – after Slovakia and the Great Britain – where we currently spend our energy and focus our efforts. We believe that a partnership with such a highly respected and regarded expert as Declan Keane will move FutureLife and ReproMed even further and ReproMed will soon become one of the largest IVF centers in Ireland.“

About ReproMed

ReproMed was established in 2009 by Declan Keane, a Senior Clinical Embryologist with over 20 years experience in the field of human assisted reproduction in Ireland and abroad. ReproMed is the fastest growing fertility service in Ireland which focuses on offering boutique-style, high-tech fertility treatments to patients across the country. ReproMed’s headquarters and IVF unit is located in Dundrum in South Dublin and was opened in 2014.

About FutureLife

FutureLife is a healthcare holding active mainly in the field of human assisted reproduction (IVF), gynaecology, genetics, plastic surgery, gastroenterology and inflammatory bowel disease treatment (IBD). FutureLife now owns 15 clinics and is a market leader in IVF in the Czech and Slovak Republic. The majority owner of FutureLife is the investment fund Hartenberg Holding owned by Mr. Andrej Babiš and Mr. Jozef Janov while the minority owners include key individuals being actively involved in the strategic and managerial roles in the FutureLife group.