Hartenberg Holding extends its health care footprint with the acquisition of Dům zdraví spol. s r.o., Velké Meziřičí

February 21, 2015

FutureLife a.s. a subsidiary of Hartenberg Holding, has acquired the 100% shareholding at Dům zdraví spol. s r.o. – a polyclinic operating in Velké Meziříčí.

“Via the acquisition of Dům zdraví FutureLife expands its activity into polyclinic segment. Polyclinics (out-patient clinics) fit to the FutureLifes strategy of providing more complex and diversified health care services. We believe that Dům zdraví can not only benefit from cooperation with other companies within FutureLife but be also further developed in terms of the medical specializations. Our goal is to make Dům zdraví a modern and well equipped health care facility that provides the utmost comfort and care to the patients in the region. We plan to remodel and refresh the clinic with new investments into the facility and medical equipment this year”, said Jozef Janov, Managing Partner of Hartenberg.

“Dům zdraví has a long tradition in Velké Meziříčí in providing the health care and the relationships between doctors and patients have been always very good. Along with my colleagues, as owners and doctors at the same time, we have been with the company for over 30 years doing our best to serve our patients. Last year, we decided that it is the time to leave the managing and investments to a new investor so that we could fully focus on our practices. With FutureLife and its capabilities, we believe Dům zdraví can get fresh ideas to improve and serve the people of Velké Meziříčí as well as the neighboring towns in the best possible ways”, said Dr. Jindřich Zeman, former co-owner of Dům zdraví.

Dům zdraví, founded in 1950, is a complex polyclinic covering around 20 medical specializations (for instance: general practitioners, dermatology, pediatrics, gynecology, dentistry, allergology, internal medicine, urology, ORL, diabetology, psychiatry, surgery, orthopedics, neurology, ophthalmology and others). The company provides a wide scale of medical procedures and consist primarily of the first-contact doctors. The polyclinic serves the population of 70 thousand in the western part of Moravia region. Acquisition of Dům zdraví brings the further complexity to the FutureLife holding, which has been mainly exposed to the area of reproductive medicine. Annual sales of Dům zdraví are over 50 million CZK.

About Hartenberg and FutureLife

Hartenberg Holding is a company focused on investments in assets in the Central European Region, primarily Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Equity commitments from the founders reach 200 million EUR.

We prefer to be a long-term investor in companies we acquire, in some cases we may stay “forever”.

Shareholders of Hartenberg Holding are Mr. Andrej Babiš and Mr. Jozef Janov.

FutureLife is a healthcare holding in the Czech and Slovak Republic with 16 health care facilities in both countries. Shareholders of FutureLife are Hartenberg Holding, MUDr. Ladislav Zgabur and management.