Hartenberg Holding acquired ISCARE Prague

August 6, 2014

Hartenberg Holding (Hartenberg) has signed today agreement on the acquisition of majority shareholding in one of the leading Prague based clinics in the segment of reproductive medicine and gastroenterology – ISCARE I.V.F. a.s. The acquisition is done via its daughter company – FutureLife a.s.that covers all health care projects of Hartenberg. The transaction is a subject to antimonopoly office approval.

“This acquisition is another important piece of puzzle for our health care project. Iscare and its specialization perfectly fits to our healthcare strategy and will set up new platform of our expansion in Prague area”, said Jozef Janov, Managing Partner of Hartenberg.

ISCARE, based in Prague, is a private medical facility providing health services in the fields of assisted reproduction, comprehensive treatment of obesity, gastroenterology, inflammatory bowel disease treatment and plastic surgery. “We look forward to the future cooperation with Hartenberg and believe that the arrival of a new long-term investor and strategic partner with previous experience in the field and sufficient capital will not only strengthen the position of our/the clinic but will also help with its further development”, claims Tamir Winterstein, shareholder of ISCARE who will continue to cooperate with Hartenberg after acquisition.

“Nothing has changed for the management and for the medical team that participated in the establishment of very high-quality professional research medical center ISCARE. We remain in the same team, and we believe that the arrival of new owner will contribute to the further development of our medical center, consequently creating even better conditions for our patients”, says Ing. Frantisek Lambert, General Director and Board Member of ISCARE.

Hartenberg and Iscare’s management assure that all key doctors and managers will continue in their positions and will enhance company’s future growth, development and performance.


ISCARE, a private medical facility in Prague 7 – Holešovice, founded in 1994, provides medical care in assisted reproduction, gynecology, plastic and cosmetic surgery, plastic gynecology, gastroenterology, counseling and screening of infertile couples – IVF, internal medicine and obesitology. Annual sales of Iscare amount to some 300 million CZK.

The IVF center of ISCARE started its activities in January 1995 as one of the first private assisted reproduction centers in Czech Republic. Treatment success, the center ranks throughout its existence among the leading high-end devices. So far, the center has led the world with more than 9.000 children. Since 2009 is part of the Iscare Group.


About FutureLife

FutureLife aims to create a healthcare holding in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Shareholders of FutureLife are Hartenberg Holding, MUDr. Zgabur and management.

About Hartenberg

Hartenberg Holding is a company focused on investments in assets in the Central European Region, primarily Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Equity commitments from the founders reach 200 million EUR.

We prefer to be a long-term investor in companies we acquire, in some cases we may stay “forever”.

Shareholders of Hartenberg Holding are Mr. Andrej Babiš and Mr. Jozef Janov.