FutureLife is expanding its medical activities in the outpatient care – Polyclinic Modřany has joined the group

September 23, 2016

The Company FutureLife Inc., a subsidiary of Hartenberg Holding, has acquired a 70% stake in the Company CODUM Ltd., which operates a polyclinic in Prague – Modřany. The original owners remain in the role of co-owners.

“The acquisition of Polyclinic Modřany is yet another strategic step in our expansion activities of the Holding FutureLife in the segment of outpatient care. Polyclinics (outpatient care) fit into the strategy of the FutureLife Company especially in terms of providing more comprehensive and extensive medical care. Polyclinic Modřany is among the largest facilities of this type in our country. We believe that the integration into the FutureLife group will benefit from cooperation with other specialized services within FutureLife. We would like to continue our expansion encompassing a wide range of expertise and specializations. Our goal is to make Polyclinic Modřany a modern, fresh and well-equipped medical facility that will provide patients with first-rate care, comfort, and doctors along with other staff together with the finest working conditions corresponding to modern trends in medicine. In this context, we propose to begin this year with the process of revitalization of this polyclinic through new investments in its facilities and equipment. I personally connect Polyclinic Modřany with the fact that my entire extended family lives in Modřany and that this health centre is part of our lives after so many years, “said František Tregler, Director with the Investment Fund Hartenberg Holding.

“The arrival of such a strong investor as the FutureLife Company opens up new opportunities, which we would like to adopt mainly to improve the quality of the medical care, both from a professional and functional perspective. We realize that in addition to high quality specialized services provided by our personnel, the environment and location is also an important factor for the patients. Therefore, we are very pleased from our planned investments to expand and improve the portfolio of expertise and the overall revitalization of the clinic building. A doctor visit is usually associated with some health problems of particular patients and can be annoying and stressful. In addition, we want to have adequate professional and patient assistance, a patient’s comfortable feeling about their visit to our health facility and the prospect that they choose our clinic for their next medical examination. I firmly believe that cooperation with the Company FutureLife will be a major benefit not only for us, but especially for our patients, “said Michal Hubený, the secretary of the Company CEO CODUM Ltd.

The Polyclinic Modřany currently operates with approximately 90 physicians who provide medical assistance in 25 specialized fields primarily for the occupants of the area Prague 4. This area is occupied with approximately 60,000 inhabitants of the Prague areas such as Modřany, Komořany, Libuš, Lhotka, Cholupice, Braník, Hodkovičky and Točná. Its scope ranks among the largest health care providers in Prague and central Bohemia. The company CODUM Ltd. has operated the Polyclinic Modřany since 1997, and its annual sales have been around 90 million CZK.

About Hartenberg and FutureLife

Hartenberg Holding is a company focused on investments in assets in the Central European Region, primarily Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Equity commitments from the founders reach 200 million EUR.

Our preference is to be a long-term investor with companies we enter. The beneficial owners of the Hartenberg Holding are Andrej Babiš and Jozef Janov.

FutureLife is a medical holding Company in the Czech and Slovak Republic with 16 medical institutions in both countries as well as in England and Ireland. Its major shareholder is Hartenberg Holding.