The founder of Oveckarna sold his remaining share to the enterstore group, which will help the company expand abroad

May 5, 2023

The founder of Oveckarna sold his remaining share to the enterstore group, which will help the company expand abroad

The Czech e-commerce group enterstore has increased its share in the online wool gods store Ovečkárna from the previous 60 percent to 90 percent. Enterstore bought a 30 percent share from Martin Bernátek, the founder of the e-shop from Zlín. The remaining 10 percent is still held by the eRockets group. The acquisition will help Oveckarna to expand and grow.

Martin Bernátek founded Oveckarna with his wife in 2011. Since then, the e-shop has grown to a business operating in five countries with an annual turnover of almost CZK 300 million.

Bernátek will continue to act as a consultant and brand ambassador for the e-shop. Enterstore acquired the original 60 % stake in Oveckarna already back in 2021. The price of the transaction will not be disclosed.

“Oveckarna is a very successful company, which has grown from a family business into a major player in the domestic e-commerce. Its further growth and development require a new setting with a stable partner behind it. That’s why Martin Bernátek initiated the sale of his remaining share to enterstore in March of this year,” said enterstore’s CEO Karol Guláš.

Sharing know-how within the group and kick-starting further growth

The enterstore group, which owns, among others, the largest Central European lingerie store Astratex or the e-shop Sportega, included Ovečekárna in its portfolio of e-commerce companies with international potential already in 2021. The group companies will share know-how in all corporate areas, i.e. operations, marketing, purchasing, trade or IT.

“We want to help Oveckarna to grow and develop further. By bringing interesting companies aspiring to expand and grow under one group, we are trying to help improve the quality of e-commerce services and create synergies by sharing know-how between them,” added Karol Guláš.

Sheep wool products and the Vlnka brand

The core of Oveckarna’s business consists of sheep wool products, including its own brand Vlnka. It also offers products made from cotton, wood and other natural materials. In addition to the Czech Republic, it operates in Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Germany.

“The position of consultant is ideal for me. I want to pass on my passion, enthusiasm, and hard-earned experience to other great projects. And I also want to devote more time to my family,” says Martin Bernátek.

Enterstore was founded in 2018. It currently has a turnover exceeding EUR 100 million. It operates in 16 countries and serves four million customers.