Investment Philosophy

Like a typical investment firm, we intend to follow a rigorous investment selection and management process to pursue superior returns for our investors. However, because we invest only our own money, we are able to differentiate ourselves in a number of ways:

  • we become partners, not only financiers, of the companies where we invest;
  • we are fast in the decision making processes, providing a quick response with open feedback;
  • we can pursue a broader range of size and risk / return profiles of the companies in which we invest;
  • we can be a forever-investor in companies which we like and which provide long-term sustainable growth.

Hartenberg’s business model focuses on people driving the process of change and repositioning, driving top-line growth while combining financial discipline with industrial expertise.

We consider the people in our organization as our key asset. The team, originating exclusively from the region where we invest, combines strong local investment and operational experience with best practices in terms of deal structuring and financing, and value creation capabilities.

We invest into businesses where we can add value as an activist shareholder, a catalyst to transform and grow businesses to become leaders in their core markets.