Investment Criteria

We typically invest in companies with Enterprise Values from 40 million to 200 million EUR, which may require equity investments of 20 million to 100 million EUR. We will consider doing larger transactions through co-investments, and will also consider smaller investments as part of a buy and build strategy.

We prefer to be a long-term investor in companies we acquire. A typical time horizon for us will be more than five years, however, we may stay invested “forever” if the acquired company provides us with a sufficient dividend yield and growth potential.

We remain opportunistic in terms of shareholding types. We invest into controlling or co-controlling positions with strong corporate rights, provided that straightforward problem solving mechanisms are agreed in advance and guarantee fair treatment.

We prefer to invest into industries that we know from our past experience and which deal with the final consumer / customer: Retail, FMCG, Health-Care, Services, Utilities.

We will primarily target Central Europe – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Austria.

All investment decisions are based on the recommendation of Hartenberg Capital’s Investment Committee.